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Lesson Learned “Everybody do make mistakes, only difference is successful people don’t make same mistake again and again”. You even don’t have to do mistakes yourself; you can learn from mistakes done by your peers/seniors. Preparation: Cricket requires lots of preparation before the match for bowling, batting & fielding. Preparation is the key for a good performance in any match. Rules : To me “no rules no game”. Follow the rules at all cost. Discipline: When it comes to cricket, you require discipline in all aspects to be reliable player/team. Importance of Time: There is always a limited time available in cricket to accomplish your target. You can’t go forever to get your target. Every Match is Different: You will face different situation in every cricket match. Key to win the game is to plan and prepare for each and every situation. And you should be ready to play in every condition. Because you can’t say that you did not face these conditions before, this is why you are not going to play. Can you do this? Regardless of the conditions you have to play and most importantly perform to win the game. You should be ready and train to handle any possible condition. Consistency: You can win the match here and there but to win the Championship or stay on the top ranking you require to win consistently as a team. “Stay on the wicket and runs will come” It is almost guaranteed to make runs for any good batsman who knows how to stay on the wicket for longer periods. Pressure Handling: Cricket helped me a lot to learn how to handle and manage pressure. Those players who know the art of pressure handling always perform well and helped their teams to win. Big players always deliver under pressure situations. Can you be successful without handling pressure well? I seriously doubt it. Competition: Life is a race and if you don’t run fast competition will leave you back. To keep your place in the playing eleven you always have to compete by performing well consistently. Team Work: Cricket is a team game. All the players support each other to win the match. Enjoyment: I can guarantee the failures if you don’t enjoy what you do. The more you enjoy the more you do well in field of cricket and life. Back up of key players: Teams who keep backup of all their key players always remain strong regardless of injury to a player or when players are not available . Innings Management: No matter how talented batsman you are, you will struggle to achieve big success if you don’t know how to manage and build your inning step by step ball by ball. Short Selections: A great batsman plays to their strengths which mean they normally don’t try new things during match at least before they score a hundred or match situation requires. How to Achieve Targets: You plan over by over to achieve the target, you keep an eye on the run rate so that target should not go beyond your reach. Because you cannot score 250 to 300 runs in one over, only way is to do over by over on a 5 to 6 runs per over, which is to be honest very easy and achievable. Fitness: Sports person can understand the importance of fitness. Make thirty minutes of exercise your daily routine, if it is too much chunk it down to three sessions of ten minutes each. Please take care of yourself and your health and don’t ignore Fitness. Make thirty minutes of exercise your daily routine, if it is too much chunk it down to three sessions of ten minutes each. Situation can Change Any Time: Never relax until you win. As a Cricketer I don’t accept defeat until the game finish regardless of the match situation, you fight till the last ball. Single Run Can Make the Difference: So often you see in cricket matches that single run can make huge difference and you could end up on the other side what you expected. Key here is to keep your eyes open and be ready to grab all opportunities (1, 2, 3)s to be successful. Don’t Over Try: Relax, work hard and follow your plan to achieve your goals. If you over try, it will make difficult for you to achieve your goals. Body Language: Positive body language plays big rule in winning the Cricket match. This is what your opposition watches to read your mind. Regardless of the match situation, if your body language is positive you can come back from any worst situation. Passion: You cannot achieve with money what you can with passion. To become a top Cricketer or businessman Passion is absolutely vital. Things Don’t Go As Planned Always: You should always have plan A and B, simply because things don’t go always as planned. You should be ready to deal any situation that will appear during actual match. Leadership: Always trust your leadership to achieve team and/or individual goals


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Correcto Mundo.

Correcto Mundo.


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You are right about that

You are right about that captain! Practice is very vital but we desperately need a good practice facility and need to play some practice matches whenever we get the chance to get into the "game" mode.

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5-21-12 Lesson learned


Lesson learned indeed, my worst balling performance yet and i credit it all to neglecting to work on my spin and instead pace bowling at practice. so with my foot in my mouth i think its time to go back to the drawing board and start working on my spin. any and all Constructive criticism is welcome.