AFCA Founder

Shahid Munir

Shahid is the man behind the whole concept of AFCA. His passion for cricket and amazing ability to bring people together for a common goal cannot go unrecognized. Mr. Munir appreciated the fact that cricket is more than a hobby to most lovers of the game. If channelized in the right direction this energy can be a very effective tool to bring about a wave of change in the way professional cricket is conducted in USA. Being the captain of the AFCA, he also acts as a perfect liaison between the management and the players.

Nadeem Khalid

Hamid Munir

Anees Rehman

Home Field

Veterans Field
14300 Featherstone Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Practice Facility

Tennis Courts @ Lorton
8998 Lagrange Street‎
Lorton, VA 22079

American Falcons Cricket Academy (AFCA) was founded in May 2006 by a small group of cricket lovers who had emigrated from South Asia and renamed in 2009 to American Falcons Cricket Academy (AFCA). Most of us had played cricket back home and wanted to continue our love affair with the game. As more and more people became interested in joining us we formulated a full-fledged Academy and approached the Washington Cricket League (WCL) for membership. Our greatest asset was our young players, friendly atmosphere and willingness to include anybody who had love for the game regardless of their ethnic background. First year we had players from USA, Australia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Jamaica etc. as word spread about the dramatic success of our team in first year itself, more and more players were drawn towards our Academy. The AFC Academy is the first cricket academy in this metropolitan area; our goal is to promote the game of cricket in the youth of metropolitan area. The ultimate mission of the American Cricket Academy - a subset of the U.S. Cricket Development Program - is to provide a world class holistic cricket training environment that offers the opportunity for talented and developing cricket athletes, coaches and technical staff to achieve excellence in the national and international arena. This academy will provide the additional training and techniques to potential cricketers so as to increase the standard of USA Cricket on the International stage. A “Finishing School” for young cricketers with the identified potential to play in the first-class and international arena. A facility which bringing the game of cricket and a lifestyle opportunity to all – regardless of background or gender. Guidance on how to set up after-school cricket programs, we want to make this fun for the youth and also for there families. Today, AFCA is considered one of the premier teams in the league and is highly regarded for it's fair play and friendly atmosphere. We are one of the few teams that have never had any discipline problem with the league. The AFCA team joined the Washington Cricket League (WCL) in 2006 with former name JBSA and in it's very first year won several awards and trophies. Our first year was a lot of fun; we finished 19 and 1, very impressive first year. We won all the games in the first season except for the Division Championship Final. We are the only truly global Academy in the Washington metropolitan area. This is a testament to the friendly atmosphere and an all-inclusive philosophy that has been the cornerstone of the club.

AFCA Facility

The Club boasts excellent facilities at our 'home' ground. This ground is in construction mode and will be available fully to the club in June 2015. This ground is built on ICC standard so it can be used for international Matches. With local official’s support we are planning to build Professional cricket facility which includes two pitches one mating and second artificial turf. The Club has Practice field which is well maintained, with two practice pitches. We have professional coaches, who will assist all club members, with emphasis on our Junior and Senior players, and this facility is reviewed each season to add new stuff for the young players.

Social Side

The Social side of the club in constantly up for discussion, and events have been planned and successfully carried out. Apart from our Wednesday and Thursday practice with Family barbecue, we have organized 'Fund Raisers’, ‘International Cricket Trips', as well as other functions. We annually host a tennis ball cricket competition is a keenly contested social event, mixing players from all grades. We bring international Cricket players in US at least every year. We advertise this through the WCL league and planning to host them for the fund raisers, caching sessions and even for the exhibition matches. We also bring these international players for our prize distributions events. We believe bringing these stars to the league will be very exiting for the local players.