How to receive AFCA Post notifications on your cell phone?

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AFCA's website is connected to AFCA's Twitter account. So either you have to signup or use your existing Twitter account and Follow @AFCAinc. In order to get mobile notifications, you have to complete mobile connection setup on your Twitter account. Click on your name or that icon on top-right that has a arrow pointing downwards >> then go to Settings >> Click on "Mobile" >> now enter your cell phone number and click start >> Now it will ask you to Text Twitter "GO" on the number 40404 >> do as asked and once Twitter received your text, your account will be set for Mobile Connection. now you will see the settings page for your Mobile connection. Choose the settings your way. Now go to your home page click on Following and look for AFCA @AFCAinc and in front of it there's button says "Following" and next to it will an icon with arrow facing downward. click on it and select "Turn on mobile notifications". That's it! your done. Now whenever somebody post something on AFCA website you will receive a text message from the same number 40404, I suggest to save it as a new contact and name it Twitter. Its different setup then Facebook but it works pretty good. once notified, you can open your Twitter app and view/read the post or can directly go to AFCA website to view or read it.
Hope it helps. Any questions, drop it in the comments below. Go AFCA :)


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This is cool

This is cool

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