Cric HQ app for keeping score..

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Could we use the Cric HQ app? Please see post below from WCL facebook page. I have cut and paste the comment from the facebook page.


Hi All,

I've entered all the results from last weekend and have constructed the schedule for this weekend (see the link attached). The teams that have registered with me so far (only about 8!) will be able to live score their matches via the CricHQ app and accumulate stats/MVP points etc. for all their players.

It would be great if we could have all teams doing this!

Get in touch with me ASAP so I can set you up on the system...

Kind regards
Jamie Paul Lloyd


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I clicked on the link but I

I clicked on the link but I didn't see any data entered!!!

AFCA Admin

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Follow the link and then

Follow the link and then click on WCL T20 2013 link on the next page. You will see AFCA vs Virginia scorecard there as well as other teams who are actively using the app...